Café del Mar Vodka


The ultimate sunset drink.

An incredibly smooth vodka with subtle undertones of cream and citrus. A clean refreshing and balanced premium spirit, perfect for cocktails or served on ice.

Every bottle sold gives back to Ibiza. Raising awareness and protecting the island's special Posidonia.

Relive the taste of Cafe del Mar, a drink that ignites a thousand memories. A memorable taste for a memorable place.

ALC./VOL.: 37.5
VOL: 700ML

We are proud to help conserve our island's future by supporting the environmental foundation IbizaPreservation.


"Omg such a smooth taste and great spirit! Its amazing with a mixer and over ice. I purchased after meeting some reps at Summertime live and now I'm hooked. Defo need another bottle and a bottle of gin for the summer nights!"

Stephanie Jones


"Upon tasting the gin at a festival, I ordered on the spot and it arrived about two days later. Super efficient service. Very impressed!"

Debra L


"This gin is worth every penny. It is so smooth and has a citrus note at the end. Bottle label is fab too."



"Absolutely amazing!! What beautiful bottles and design a fantastic purchase plus a wonderful gift. I bought both the gin as well as vodka. Highly recommended!"

Ally Mountford


"Fabulous, efficient, incredible flavours - gin & vodka which we now stock in our restaurant."

Mr Moore